Why is Physical Penetration testing as important as your Cyber and IT security testing? Because planned physical access can circumvent all of your technical Security leaving you feeling secure when the side door is wide open.

As more businesses learn that cybersecurity threats are not simply hackers trying to get into the system and that  now the countermeasures and protective tools in place may be covering only a majority the predominant threats. A misperception of the real threats and overlooking some equally critical gaps can render all of your technical, physical and process countermeasures useless.

If 80% of your protection is based on the usual gap like so many firms, and you have now instituted password policies, the using of only secure networks and internally controlled VPNs, have taught about phishing scams and secure keys, even RFID access cards;   all extensive mitigations that are of critical importance to every organization.  All of these security measures can be rendered useless if a professional saboteur or corporate espionage professional can get hired into your company and steal your secrets, or find the weaknesses, or in a worst case scenario, map your entire security apparatus allowing real cyberterrorists or espionage focused professionals complete access to the “HOW” of  your security system. How sure are you that this can be stopped?


Conversely, our approach is to attack the situation using real world practices that focus on your vulnerabilities such as servers, locks, patterns in security and all of the related GAPS, including the individuals and the providers you utilize.  We also simulate attacks mirroring the tactics engaging in espionage or sabotage to gain the required access. We get in and we provide proof that the targets were indeed compromised and to what degree.

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