Business Continuity (BC) refers to maintaining business functions or quickly resuming them in the event of a major disruption, whether caused by natural disaster, viral pandemic or malicious attack by cybercriminals.

We rarely get advance notice that a disaster is ready to strike. Even with some lead time, multiple things can still go wrong; every incident is unique and unfolds in unexpected ways.

This is where having an effective Business Continuity Plan, (BCP) comes into play. To give your organization the best shot at success during a disaster, you need to put a current, tested plan in the hands of all personnel responsible for carrying out any part of that plan. The lack of a plan will result in your organization being unable to respond to the event / incident unfolding and you could go out of business for good.

KANE Advisors can help your organization in developing and implementing an effective BCP. The BCP outlines procedures and instructions an organization must follow in the face of such disasters; it covers business processes, assets, human resources, business partners and more.


Testing a plan is the only way to truly know it will work. Many organizations test a business continuity plan two to four times a year. Common tests include table-top exercises, structured walk-throughs and simulations. Test teams are usually composed of the recovery coordinator and members from each functional unit.

Make the journey from  “Risk Control” to “ Risk Intelligence”

Looking towards the future requires the ability to Observe, Orient, Decide and Act on transformations, innovation & opportunities that could exist for your company and industry. Keeping an open mind to make the most of your recovery and new opportunities presented to your company and industry is part of our Strategic Resilience solution. We can help you along your journey. At each step, we can be your partner to help you grow and reach your targets.

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