High-profile security breaches continue to dominate the media headlines. The process of recovering from a security breach can cost your business millions of dollars including expenditures on customer protection programs, regulatory fines, rebuilding your IT infrastructure and loss of business operability.

The average cost of a data breach to companies worldwide is $3.86 million. As business growth continues to rise domestically and globally, expect the threat landscape to increase proportionately.

This trend places an increasing number of businesses at risk. Threats are growing in amount and complexity while malicious hackers are actively developing new and more sophisticated forms of attacks every single day.

Having anti-virus software and a firewall, as well as assuming that your business is secure, is no longer good enough. Modern businesses require an advanced approach to security and due diligence. They need to test their resistance to cybersecurity threats and build highly effective defense mechanisms and remediation strategies.

To test whether and how a malicious user can gain unauthorized access to your assets, you will need a professional penetration testing service.


A penetration test is a proactive solution for identifying the biggest areas of weakness in your IT systems and in preventing your business from serious financial and reputational losses. However, to ensure your business continuity, you need to conduct regular penetration tests at least once or twice a year.


Kane Advisors Cyber Threat Red Team is comprised of skilled pen testers capable of conducting various types of penetration testing whereby each project is tailored specifically to the clients needs. Duration and cost of testing depends on the overall size of the IT infrastructure and how many geo locations to be covered.


A Penetration Test is broken down into the following phases:

• Reconnaissance

• Threat Modeling and Vulnerability Identification

• Exploitation (gaining access)

• Post-exploitation (maintaining access)

• Covering tracks

• Reporting

• Resolution & Re-Testing


A pen test is often initiated by a variety of changes in an IT environment including application launches, major network/application changes or updates, compliance regulations or a breach/leak from a targeted attack. Again, the end goal of an ethical hacker is to gain unauthorized access to a system by means of exploiting vulnerabilities or gaps in security processes.





The term “Insider Threat” is often associated with malicious employees intending to directly harm the company through theft or sabotage. In truth, negligent employees or contractors can unintentionally pose an equally high risk of security breaches and leaks by accident.


More than 34% of businesses around the globe are affected by insider threats yearly. 68% of organizations consider malicious insider attacks or accidental breaches are more likely than external attacks. Over the last two years, the number of insider incidents has increased by 47%. The possible consequences of an insider attack can be dire, often resulting in financial and reputational losses and may even ruin your business.


In order to thrive in a highly remote and dynamic business environment, organizations must ensure that they are deploying sound security solutions. These tools must stop insider threats, extend secure access to sensitive data, and be performant, scalable, and cost effective, around the clock and across the globe.


KANE Advisors specialize in assisting organizations design, build, implement and maintain a robust and effective risk management program in support of OPSEC. This will greatly reduce the risk of an insider attack.


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